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Visit the Windberg Art School

Many admire the original artwork at the Windberg Art Center from afar. What if you could learn the trade and create original pieces to adorn your walls? Visit our art school in Georgetown, Texas, for painting lessons with Dalhart and Michael Windberg, and you will do just that! Let us scan your work for your records, and be sure to take advantage of our Giclée printing services, which are available at low, affordable rates.

Lessons to Bring out Your Inner Artist

Have you ever wanted to create a work of art, but were unable to do so alone? Almost everyone has an inner artist just waiting to break out, and at the Windberg Art Center, we help you do just that. Sign up for painting lessons with our talented artists, who have more than 35 years of experience in the field, and will help you learn the art of oil painting and working with other mediums.

You can't create your work without the right tools; however, low-quality materials just won't do the trick. Dalhart Windberg has created a system of tools, stemming from his own experiences, to improve both the ease and comfortability of painting. At the Windberg Art Center, you will find these high-quality tools, such as easels, art panels, and painting mediums, most of which have been made by hand in Georgetown.

Art Supplies

Classes for All 

At the Windberg Art Center, we don't turn away any painter just because of their skill set. In fact, our painting lessons are available for anyone from beginners and novices to avid painters and masters. Dalhart and Michael Windberg have taught many of the artists whom we feature in our gallery today. Many of these talented artists still study under the Windbergs in hopes to continue building their vast knowledge, while continuing to refine their skills.